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One Healthy Minute

by Sharon Finch & Karen Stene Finch

Magnesium: The Unsung Hero

In many ways, magnesium is as important as calcium. It acts as a catalyst for the vital organs, especially the heart. Calcium is essential to keep the heart beating, but it must have the correct amount of magnesium to do its job. Magnesium is the primary regulator for the electrical activity that triggers every movement of the body, both internal and external. Nerves and muscles must have adequate amounts of magnesium for healthy function.

A French scientist M. L. Robinet did a study regarding suicides. He found that in areas of the country where soil levels of magnesium were poor, the rate of suicides were higher. He also observed that these same people for the most part, ate diets deficient of magnesium. Alcohol consumption and drugs given to reduce inflammation can suppress magnesium activity.

Magnesium is mainly found in green veggies. Because many of us do not eat sufficient amounts of greens we could be lacking in this very important mineral. This mineral is absolutely vital in creating and maintaining normal bone formation in children. Magnesium needs to be present to prevent tooth decay.

One way to easily increase our intake of greens and magnesium is by drinking Nature's Sunshine's Liquid Chlorophyll. This green drink is made from alfalfa, which contains many trace minerals including magnesium. Liquid Chlorophyll is refreshing with a pleasant taste of spearmint oil.

Nature's Sunshine's Magnesium supplement provides 250 mg of magnesium in each tablet. Nature's Sunshine's Magnesium Complex capsules contain magnesium citrate and magnesium malate. These are two different forms of chelated magnesium for easier absorption. With their high quality products and wonderful formulations, we can be assured that we have the best supplements available.

Please note: The information contained here is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, treat, or prevent any illnesses. We recommend that you contact a health care practitioner if you have any immediate health care concerns.


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