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8 Natural Solutions for Ear Infections

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Nature's Sea Calcium

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8 Natural Solutions for Ear Infections

Does your child suffer frequent or chronic ear infections? Does it seem like the antibiotics just aren’t working anymore? Is the doctor suggesting you get tubes placed in your child’s ears but you don’t want to get the surgery? Are you looking for natural solutions?

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Feature Product

Nature's Sea calcium
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Nature’s Sea Calcium [Structural] is derived from Lithothamnium, a hard, brittle red algae that grows off the southwestern coast of Ireland. In these pure, mineral-rich waters, Lithothamnium congregates to form large beds of stone-like algae. The seaweed’s mineralized matrices naturally contain high concentrations of naturally occurring, plant-sourced calcium along with up to 70 other minerals, including magnesium, boron, copper and zinc. Lithothamnium provides a renewable source as the plant is left undisturbed.

Nature’s Sea Calcium naturally promotes bone health and density. And its high buffering capacity makes it ideal for supporting and maintaining normal range pH levels.

Nature’s Sea Calcium has a large surface area and a porous structure, which may increase its bioavailability. This formula contains a proprietary blend of short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides, which, when converted to short-chain fatty acids by beneficial flora in the body, have been shown to improve calcium absorption.

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Nicole Bandes is a Certified Herb Specialist and a Certified Leader in Natural Health. She has been helping people to discover that there is more to life than just basic health since 1994.

Question: I have a question regarding the Mineral Chi tonic. I have just started taking it. Why do you add extra potassium to the formula? It appears that the other ingredients have enough potassium. Doctors that specialize in adrenal disorders always recommend decreasing potassium and increasing sodium. Can this formula put someone that has adrenal fatigue more out of balance or do the other ingredients compensate? Thank You. -THERESA CAFIERO

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