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Volume #2 Issue # 2 ~ Date: February, 2005
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* Letter from the Editor
* Feature Article: Natural Pain Relief
* Feature Product: Joint Support
* Current Specials
* Bonus Health Tips
* Ask The Herb Specialist Column

*******Letter from the Editor*******

Dear Health Enthusiasts,

Welcome friends. With the growing number of reports regarding various drugs that are now being questioned, it has dawned on me that there are still people that don't know that herbs can be safer and often more effective than drugs in a great many situations. I'm not saying there isn't a time and place for drugs, but I believe that those situations could and often should be left to extreme cases. Unfortunately, misuse of drugs by doctors and patients are causing more than just health problems for those using them. Overuse of antibotics breed super bugs, anti-depressants are being blamed for murders and increased health costs to cover the legal ramifications of drugs effect us all. It's simple to change the cycle. Commit to becoming educated for your self and share what you learn with others. Start with the new Untold Truth seminars. You can order these very inexpensive programs from


Nicole Bandes,
Natural Health Educator, Owner,

*******Feature Article*******

Natural Pain Relief, There are Safe, Natural Ways to Deal with Pain by Tree of Light Publishing

*******Feature Products*******

Joint Support - Save $1.50. Available to Subscribers Only.

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*******Current Specials*******

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*******Bonus Health Tips*******
These tips are provided by Betty Kamen at

If you are suffering from any form of arthritis, begin supplementing with velvet antler, a substance that has exceptional benefits for anyone with this condition. [Harvested from the antlers of deer and elk (without harming the animal), velvet antler is loaded with growth and immune factors, cartilage, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, and collagen. Several studies show that taking velvet antler can reduce or eliminate arthritis, and it has been used for millennia for arthritis relief.] Chondroitin sulfate and collagen type II [both found in velvet antler] have been scientifically substantiated to support healthy joint structure and function, in compliance with FDA regulations. Velvet antler is available at most health stores.

Try Nature's Sunshine's IGF-1, a human growth hormone precurser harvested from Velvet Deer antler.

Source: Arzneim-Forsch Drug Research 1990;40(1):319-323; First International Symposium on Antler Science and Product Technology, Banff, Canada, April 9-12, 2000.

Prolonged magnesium deficiency leads to osteoporosis in test animals, a warning to many people who are not getting adequate levels of the mineral through their diets. Osteoporosis currently affects 30 million people (predominantly women) worldwide and the number of related hip fractures is estimated to increase 135 per cent by the year 2050.Magnesium helps to increase bone density.

[Although seafood has a fair amount of magnesium, most of our magnesium comes from vegetables. It is also a component of chlorophyll, so leafy greens are good sources, as are nuts, seeds, and legumes. However, the amount of magnesium is dependent on the amount in the soil in which that food is grown, and it is easily lost in food processing and cooking. Deficiency is common in those consuming fast-food diets and processed foods, or even a diet of cooked vegetables.]

Consider using Nature's Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll or Magnesium Complex.

Source: Journal of the American College of Nutrition 2004;23(6):704S-711S.

*******Ask The Herb Specialist*******

Q. What products do I need to get my ph balance back where it needs to be? I have too much acid. Thanks. -Shirley

A. When you are too acid (pH of urine and/or saliva below 6.5) enzymes are essential. Food Enzymes (1-2 capsules) with meals and Nature’s Noni (2 tablespoons) between meals. In addition Magnesium Complex (2 with meals) will help to build a buffer for the acid. Alkalinizing mineral products include Colloidal Minerals or Mineral Chi Tonic (1 oz of either per day). pH Greenzone is full of green foods that will help balance the pH. Vitamin A&D helps to hold necessary calcium in the body.

If you are still too acidic you can use Coral Calcium (not recommended if pH is below 5.8). Also perfom colon cleanses twice each year. Tiao He or Cleanstart are both excellent choices. Be sure to strengthen the urinary and lymphatic systems as these are the ways in which the acid is excreted from the body. Kidney Drainage and Lymphatic Drainage are beneficial. -Nicole Bandes, CHS, BS

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