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Herbs for Women

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Herbs for Women

It can be difficult to wade through all the herbs that are out there. What ones are good for what and when are they beneficial. It becomes even more complex when we throw all the different herbal formulas and vitamins into the mix.

For those that would like to learn more about the various natural health supplements, read this beginner’s guide to herbs for women.


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Read more about Thai-Go.
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Ask The Herb Specialist

Nicole Bandes is a Certified Herb Specialist and a Certified Leader in Natural Health. She has been helping people to discover that there is more to life than just basic health since 1994.

Question: After learning a friend's little girl does not have a bm but once a week we started her on LB Extract. She was instructed to give her a little Nature's Three after a couple days of producing bm's. That worked for a few days and then she resorted back to a bm after every few days. They usually are so huge that they don't flush down the toilet. We then started her on LBSII. It takes a full dose to get her to have a bm. She still is not having a bm but every few days and they're huge. Each time her mom tries to add more LBSII to the regimen she vomits. She's also taking magnesium, children's chewables, elderberry, histablock, and bee pollen. Also, trying to improve her diet. Also, she's been on L.Reuteri. I'm concerned with the vomiting. It seems the LBSII has the potential to work, she is going better than she used to and seems to emptying her bowels but there is too much time between each bm.She's not a regular client so I don't have blood type info on her yet (we'll do that finally this week). Mainly a history of allergies and sinus problems (surprise surprise). Any idea about the vomiting?Thanks, -CC

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