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Volume #2 Issue # 9 ~ Date: October, 2005
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Inside This Issue
* Feature Article: Preventing Bird Flu
* Feature Product: Colostrum w/ Immune Factors
* Monthly Specials * Bonus Health Tips
* Ask The Herb Specialist

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*******Feature Article*******

Preventing Bird Flu addresses the most recent flu craze and what we can do to protect ourselves before it even arrives. Also beneficial for every other flu strain.

*******Feature Products*******

Colostrum with Immune Factors [Immune] is a combination of nutritional and herbal elements designed to nourish and support the immune system. The immune factors in this product are known to stimulate cytokines and strengthen the intestinal lining. This unique formula contains colostrum (the foremilk produced by mammals before the onset of lactation), inositol hexaphosphate ([IP6], has immunostimulatory actions), maitake mushroom (contains powerful beta-glucan), shiitake mushroom (stimulates macrophages) and astragalus (enhances the production of immunoglobulin and helps stimulate macrophages).

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*******Monthly Specials*******
Tei Fu Oil - $1 off member pricing
Tei Fu Oil - Buy 5 Get 1 Free
Natria Sunscreen SPF 30 - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

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*******Bonus Health Tips*******


There is a link between antibiotic therapy for acne (which is frequently used for extended periods), and an increased risk of upper respiratory tract infections.

Concerns have been expressed regarding the overuse of antibiotics, which has been associated with the emergence of resistant organisms, an increase in the frequency of human exposure to pathogenic organisms, and an increase in infectious illnesses.

The odds of an upper respiratory tract infection developing among individuals who use an antibiotic to treat acne is about two times greater compared with those who do not use an antibiotic.

Source: Archives of Dermatology 2005;141:1132-1136.

"I had a pimple ready to pop out on my face (I could see a swelling). I applied Pro-G-Yam 500 cream three times daily and it went away without every really surfacing." - Kay Lubecke, Flagstaff, AZ

This tip have been provided by Betty Kamen. Read more at

*******Ask The Herb Specialist*******

Q. When is it appropriate to start using Maca? I have hormonal imbalance and am
currently using vitex but my cycles overdue. Can I start using maca now or
wait until menses if I ever have one? Thanks! -Viviane Maxwell

A. It is safe to start Maca at any time. Many women take maca before and after menopause.

Nature's Sunshine offers very high quality Maca as either a single herb or in the combination X-Action for Women.

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