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Volume #2 Issue # 8 ~ Date: September, 2005
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Inside This Issue
* Feature Article: Guide to Common Herbs that Heal
* Feature Product: Capsicum
* Bonus Health Tips
* Ask The Herb Specialist Blog

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*******Feature Article*******

Guide to Common Herbs that Heal lists a handful of herbs that are used quite regularly in cooking and how they can help the body.

*******Feature Products*******

Capsicum - [Digestive, Circulatory] is added to many herbal formulas as a catalyst for the other herbs. Its red color is partly due to its high vitamin A content. Vitamin A is essential for normal vision, growth, cellular activity, reproduction and healthy immunity. Capsicum influences blood flow (just watch someone's face when they eat a food with lots of it), which makes it food for the circulatory system. It became NSP's first product back in 1972 after Gene Hughes took it by the spoonful to help with an aggravating stomach condition. Each capsule contains 520 mg capsicum. The capsicum used in this product contains 35,000 40,000 Scoville Heat Units.

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*******Bonus Health Tips*******


Treatment of test animals with probiotics and lactic acid bacteria decreases the proportion of H. pylori in the gastric mucosa.

These results complement a pilot study showing that probiotics enhance the eradication of H. pylori in patients under conventional treatment, while considerably reducing treatment-associated side-effects. Growing scientific evidence proves the efficacy of probiotics in restoring and maintaining intestinal and vaginal microflora balance, enhancing intestinal transit, modulating the immune system, and enhancing lactose tolerance.

Source: Rosell Institute Report, Canada, April 28, 2005


A handful of herbs -- Echinacea, elderberry, and andrographis -- may help to keep the flu at bay. Echinacea has been shown to lower respiratory tract symptoms in people with colds. One study demonstrates that it increases natural killer cells that target virus-infected cells and destroys them. The end result is an immediate and marked reduction in both severity of symptoms and duration of infection. A Norwegian study shows that elderberry reduces length of the flu by four days. The Chinese herb, andrographis, offers yet another effective treatment, but is not yet popular in the US.

Source: American Botanical Council Report, Oct 2004

These tips have been provided by Betty Kamen. Read more at

*******Ask The Herb Specialist*******

Q. What products do I need to get my ph balance back where it needs to be? I have too much acid. Thanks. -Shirley

A. To determine if your body is acid or alkaline, you can use simple pH Test Strips. These test strips come with a color chart so that you can determine where you fall in the range. Many herbalists, doctors and other health care providers believe that your pH helps to determine how you react to environmental stressors that could make you sick, have allergies or experience other health concerns.

Ideally, the pH of the saliva will be 6.5–6.8, and the urine pH will fluctuate between 6.0 and 7.0. When you are too acid (pH of urine and/or saliva below 6.5) enzymes are essential. Food Enzymes (1-2 capsules) with meals and Nature’s Noni (2 tablespoons) between meals. In addition Magnesium Complex (2 with meals) will help to build a buffer for the acid. Alkalinizing mineral products include Colloidal Minerals or Mineral Chi Tonic (1 oz of either per day). pH Greenzone is full of green foods that will help balance the pH. Vitamin A&D helps to hold necessary calcium in the body.

If you are still too acidic you can use Nature's Sea Calcium. Also perfom colon cleanses twice each year. Tiao He or Cleanstart are both excellent choices. Be sure to strengthen the urinary and lymphatic systems as these are the ways in which the acid is excreted from the body. Kidney Drainage and Lymphatic Drainage are beneficial.

For more Ask the Herb Specialist questions and answers or if you have an herbal question you would like answered, please visit our website.

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