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Health Matters
June, 2003

NEW EVERFLEX Pain Relief Cream is HERE!!!

Here is what users of EverFlex pain relief cream are saying:
I really like the EverFlex Cream for pain due to arthritis in my spine. It works better than the Dual Action Glucosamine cream (Not an NSP product) I had tried before. Very fast relief is the best part! It starts working in about 5 minutes and completely stops the pain within 15min! The relief lasts for several hours! ” Bobby Baker of Georgetown, OH
My daughter is 5 and a half months pregnant and has had a back problem for years. She can’t take drugs for pain due to the pregnancy. She tried the EverFlex Cream and 15 minutes later was pleasantly surprised that her back felt better.” Loring Hammer
I found the EverFlex Cream quite helpful in easing discomfort in my hands and wrists caused by a chronic health condition. A very small amount of the cream was sufficient, and I felt better in 10-15 minutes.” Lois B.
I use my hands a great deal for work. When I went through menopause, my joints really stiffened up. EverFlex has helped me quite a bit. Now I can use my hands without problems.” Jennifer C, Ohio
A Powerful Combination: “My husband, Paul, has an old back injury that flares up now and then. He takes EverFlex tablets, MSM, Triple Relief and uses EverFlex Cream. Within 30 minutes he feels great.” Sharon T.

EverFlex pain relief cream provides temporary relief from aching joints and the surrounding tissues. EverFlex topical analgesic pain relief cream with MSM comes in a 2 ounce jar. Take with EverFlex tablets for optimum results. A trial size is also available. Rub it on for fast relief today!

Seasilver Product Under Federal Investigation

Liquid Supplement Claims To Strengthen Immune System, Cleanse Vital Organs

SAN DIEGO -- A popular health supplement made in Carlsbad, Calif., is now the focus of a federal investigation. Federal officials believe Seasilver, a liquid nutritional supplement, is making false claims about the benefits of its product and has filed a lawsuit. The company claims Seasilver is 50 times stronger than kelp and strengthens the immune system. It also claims to cleanse vital organs and purify the blood.

According to the statement, the lawsuit claims that Seasilver has made false claims about the benefits of its products in marketing materials and on product labels. As for the product itself, the FTC said there is no immediate health risk.

Comments: After more than 30 years of manufacturing the finest herbs and health supplements, Nature’s Sunshine Products has never been shut down by the FDA or FTC. NSP’s scientists and legal department work closely with the FDA and other government agencies to ensure that all their products (over 600), labels and literature are in compliance with all laws and regulations.

The manufacturer of “seasilver” has obviously been guilty of making blatant, exaggerated health claims for their product. The following is a response from Nature’s Sunshine regarding the product claims and labeling:

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS REGARDING SEASILVER FROM April Nance, Product Manager, Nature’s Sunshine Products

The first question I have about this product is why are there no amounts listed for the vitamins and minerals? There are two possibilities:

One is that they don't have more than 2% of the RDI’s for these or, if they do, they are not in compliance with FDA labeling guidelines. Any vitamin or mineral that is included in a formula at more than 2% RDI is legally required to be listed on the label. I have also read several false or inaccurate claims (in italics):

  1. "Nutrients in pill form are only 10% absorbed." This is not accurate. Every nutrient has a different absorption rate, depending on when it is taken, what it is taken with, the condition of the individual's intestinal tract and many other factors.
  2. "The reason is due to the high metallic content of these pills. Metallic minerals like oyster shells, carbonates, oxides and dolomites have the consistency of crushed up rocks, which our bodies were not designed to digest. Even pills listed as "natural" often have added fillers and coatings that inhibit absorption." This really makes no sense. "Metallic" refers to a class of elements (or minerals), not the type of salts in which they occur. A mineral is a mineral is a mineral! Yes, some forms may be slightly more easily absorbed than others, but to say "our bodies are not designed to digest these minerals" is completely false. Remember that NSP performs disintegration tests on all of our tablets to ensure that they will be broken down properly.
  3. "There is NO comparison between Seasilver and the other so-called "colloidal mineral" products on the market which come from humic shale deposits, making the nutrients in these products inorganic and the metals into a metallic form, unsafe for human consumption." Absolutely false - the definition of humus is "material that makes up the organic component of the soil, being formed from decayed plant and animal remains...It has colloidal properties." NSP Colloidal Minerals come from a fulvic acid complex of naturally chelated (organic) trace minerals and is perfectly safe for human consumption.
  4. "Seasilver is a 100% whole food (plant-based) nutritional supplement that OXYGENATES at the cellular level with an astounding 40% OXYGEN content!". This is also false. At 40% oxygen the liquid would effervesce once opened, much like a bottle of pop. Atmospheric oxygen being 21% osmosis would come heavily into play and an equilibrium would be reached in a matter of hours. Unless this is consumed through a self-sealing straw that oxygen concentration would be gone within 1-2 days of opening, assuming the cap is replaced after each dose, just like a 2-liter bottle of pop loses its fizz. Not to mention that this is not a "natural" level of oxygen content. There is also no evidence the oral oxygen benefits the body in any way. In fact, it is probably more likely to induce oxidative stress in the stomach and increase belching and/or flatulence than benefit body oxygenation.

One product that contains everything you (everyone) could possibly need sounds too good to be true and indeed, this one is. They claim they have every known antioxidant - I don't see lycopene, lutein, alpha lipoic acid or several others. What exactly do they mean by "50 times more potent than kelp? More potent in what respect?

A superior program from NSP may include Mineral Chi Tonic, Proactazyme Plus, Berry Healthy or Cranberry/Buchu (Editor’s Note: Seasilver contains a synthetic cranberry flavoring), Liquid Dulse and Super Supplemental or Mega Chel. I hope this will help in discussing the merits of Seasilver with your clients.

Note:The information contained in this message is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, treat, or prevent any illnesses. We recommend that you contact a health care practitioner if you have any immediate health care concerns.


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