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May, 2005

Happy Springtime!

Spring It’s that time of year when the budding trees, new grass and blooming flowers entice everyone outside. But for many, a stroll outdoors can quickly turn into a miserable allergy attack. Let Nature’s Sunshine help you enjoy everything spring has to offer.

HistaBlock safely relieves allergy symptoms!

HistaBlock contains a powerful blend of herbs and nutrients that naturally enhance immune function and inhibit the release of histamine and other inflammatory compounds that initiate the sneezing, swelling and itching of allergic reactions. HistaBlock can be used to safely relieve allergy symptoms and improve breathing without the side effects commonly associated with over-the-counter and prescriptions antihistamines, decongestants and nasal sprays.
Millions of people can use seasonal respiratory support to deal with all kinds of bothersome particles and HistaBlock may be the answer they are looking for. Nature’s Sunshine’s HistaBlock contains nutrients that support the respiratory system in its battle against pollutants and toxins. This unique formula helps support mast cells that are responsible for seasonal defense.

Jeannie Patty, of Otway, OH had a severe sinus infection due to an allergy: “My sinuses were completely blocked. I was not able to blow my nose due to the swelling. My eyes itched, burned, and watered terribly. I had extreme swelling in my eyes. I had taken Zyrtec as prescribed by an emergency room doctor. I also had tried Afrin nasal spray. My sinuses had been blocked up for over four months and nothing had helped.”

Jeannie began using HistaBlock and Allergy Homeopathic remedy. “Within 24 hours I could feel relief. For the first time in four months I was able to blow my nose and have results of a discharge. For days I was blowing out a thick mucus that had been blocked up for so long.”

Jeannie used the Allergy homeopathic every 15 minutes until symptoms improved, then hourly. She took two capsules of the HistaBlock every hour until she felt an improvement, then reduced it to three times daily. “I’m still using the HistaBlock and feel so much better! I definitely recommend HistaBlock and Allergy Homeopathic formulas for those with similar problems!”
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Red Yeast Rice

Red Yeast Rice significantly reduces total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and total triacylglycerol concentrations compared with placebo and provides a food-based approach to lowering cholesterol in the general population.
For details of this study, visit

A reminder that anyone taking Red Yeast Rice or any statin drug should also be taking Co-Q-10. Statin drugs and Red Yeast Rice block the production of Co-Q-10, which is needed for heart health. So, although the Red Yeast Rice is preferred over the prescriptive drugs because it is natural, it, too, will block or reduce the production of Red Yeast Rice in your body.


Eye Disorders, Longevity, & Zinc

There is a connection between eye disorders and serious declining health, but those taking zinc and high-dose antioxidants have an increased chance at better survival.
Consider zinc supplementation and anti-oxidants if your visual acuity is worse than 20/40, or if you have nuclear opacity, or if you have had cataract surgery to increase your chances of a long life. These problems may be related to a systemic condition which may take years off your life. For example, advanced macular degeneration is associated with serious cardiovascular problems.
The decreased health status of those with macular degeneration, cataracts, or other serious eye problems suggests that these conditions may reflect more than local processes. The improved health status in those taking zinc and high levels of antioxidants is encouraging.

Source: Archives of Ophthalmology. 2004;122(5):716-726.

Antioxidants Prevent Brain Deterioration

In a recent study it was found that those consuming high levels of antioxidants lowered their risk of getting Alzheimer’s Disease by 87 percent. Because so few people get the recommended five servings of fruits and five servings of vegetables daily, they are getting too few antioxidants, which may be a clue as to why this dreaded disease is on the rise at an alarming rate.

Antioxidants Fight Against Stroke Damage

A new study shows how antioxidants may limit the brain damage a patient may suffer from stroke or other neurological disorders.

Researchers studied four groups of rats, all fed equal amounts of food for one month. Three groups were fed rat chow supplemented with blueberries, spinach or spirulina while a fourth control group ate no antioxidant-rich foods. Four weeks later, scientists induced an ischemic stroke in each rat with a blood clot and then later removed it.

To say the protective power of antioxidants on those rats was undeniable would be an understatement. The size of the stroke suffered by rats fed blueberry or spinach supplements was half that seen in the brains of untreated rats. Rats fed spirulina-enriched diets had stroke lesions 75 percent smaller than their untreated counterparts.

Rats that were pretreated with blueberry, spinach or spirulina diets also showed greater recovery of post-stroke movement than seen from the control group.

Experimental Neurology, May 2005, Volume 193, Issue 1: 75-84

NOTE: When you are not getting an adequate supply of foods that are high in antioxidants in your diet, consider supplementing with Natures Sunshine Thai-go. Thai-go is a wonderful juice made from Mangosteen fruit, blueberries, and many other fruits known to be high in antioxidants. N.S.P.’s Thai-Go is an easy way to get a full spectrum of anti-oxidants in an all-natural delicious drink. Take 2 ounces daily.

Nature’s Sunshine also has Spirulina in capsules, which you can take with each meal you are not having Thai-Go. For those who prefer their antioxidants in a capsule or for ease when traveling, we offer Super Antioxidant.


Note:The information contained in this message is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, treat, or prevent any illnesses. We recommend that you contact a health care practitioner if you have any immediate health care concerns.


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