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Health Matters
May, 2003


With so many people concerned about SARS, we are receiving multiple requests for information about protecting yourself and your loved ones. Like any other communicable illness, those who stay healthy or fare the best if they do get ill, have the strongest immune systems.
To increase your immunity, take Citrus Bioflavonoids (3949-4), 1000-2000 mg. daily, (I don’t recommend the time-release Vitamin C because many people do not break it down efficiently), Colostrum Plus (1587-3) (1-2 daily), and Defense Maintenance (1654-5) or Nature’s Immune Stimulator (1839-3) (3-6 capsules daily).

To prevent the virus from infecting you directly, wash your hands often with Sunshine Concentrate (1551-6) with Lemon (3908-2) or Guardian (3922-9) Essential Oils added to it. I add 20 drops of the oils to 2 cups of Sunshine Concentrate (1551-6), which is then put in the liquid soap dispensers you can find in the bed and bath shops or department stores.

If you begin to feel like you are getting ill, add to the above program: Olive Leaf Extract (204-7), 6 capsules daily; Breath E-Z (1866-3), 8-10 capsules daily; and VS-C (937-7), 6-10 capsules daily. Get plenty of rest and pure water, both of which are critical to any recovery.

For both prevention and treatment, use Breathe Free (3919-1)& Guardian (3922-9) Essential Oils in the NSP diffuser (3932-2) twice daily. Or you may combine either of these oils with NSP’s Massage Oil (3928-7) at the rate of 5-7 drops per ½ ounce of oil. Rub or roll the oil on the feet, pulse points on the wrist, and under the nose. These are especially good oils to use with your children any time that there are lots of infections going around their schools. To increase children’s immune response, use chewable Vitamin C (1633-8) and Elderberry Plus, Chewable, (3300-9) daily along with the essential oils. Also, use the chewable L.Reuteri (1559-0) for good intestinal bacteria or Bifidophilus (4080-4) opened onto a spoonful of water if the child is too young to chew or might choke on the chewable L. Reuteri.


A healthy level of Probiotics (means “pro-life”) is necessary for optimum digestion and immune function. NSP now provides multiple products for restoring your levels of these critical good bacterias. Here is a suggested rotation to follow to restore your levels, while improving your digestion and immune response.
- Probiotic Eleven (#1510-1) 4 capsules at bedtime, until the bottle is gone (refrigerate or freeze). Advance to the next product.
- L. Reuteri (#1559-0) Chew 2 tablets per day between meals until the bottle is gone. Advance to the next product. There is no need to refrigerate this product.
- Bifidophilus Flora Force (#4080-4), 4 capsules at bedtime, until the bottle is gone (refrigerate or freeze). Start over with the first product, continuing this cycle as long as you wish. Note: You can not take too much Probiotic product and the longer you take it, the more health benefits you will see.
Remember, any time you take antibiotics (means “anti-life”), you must repeat this program to prevent the regrowth of that pesky fungus, Candida Albicans. Better yet, call your NSP Herb Specialist for recommendations for herbs to use instead of antibiotics at the first sign of illness.

"I made a "sleep" mix. I took a roller bottle and filled it with Massage oil (3928-7), 5 drops of Lavender (3907-8), 5 drops of Red Mandarin (3897-4), and 5 drops of Frankincense (3899-9). Every night I have rolled that on the bottom of my feet, I have slept through the night. I used to wake up around 3 a.m. and have trouble getting back to sleep, but no more. I feel refreshed in the morning and my mood is better!!! I have even slept through my alarm clock 3 times! I have put it on my boys' feet at night and they, too, are sleeping great!"
Contributed by:Chanda, theberbalist@cfaith.com

”I was suffering with a bad case of sore throat, making talking very difficult as well as eating. I took 6 IF-C (1875-9) at dinner time and 4 more before bedtime. The next morning, I had no signs of any throat problem. I took 4 more that next day and the throat problem did not return. My husband came home this week with the same thing. I did the same procedure and it is gone. What a wonderful product! “
From: Janice, Jmccomb792@aol.com

“I bought one of the Aromaballs (Stock # 3895-7, $10.00) the other day because I had walked into my upline’s store and it had an aroma that was wonderful. It comes with three citrus essential oils which were delightful. Today I used Breathe Free (3919-1) and it is wonderful!! It is breaking stuff up in my nose and bronchial tubes and I am feeling some real life in my lungs even though I wasn’t aware that I had any problems. It is marvelous!!!!!”
From: Richard Ask, herbswork1@yahoo.com
Editor’s Note: The Aromaball plugs into any outlet and disperses essential oils of your choice throughout your home. You can buy extra Diffuser Scent Cards (Stock # 3951-3, 10 for $1.95) to which you apply any scents that you wish.

”I have a client who has low WBC and stage 4 cancer. We added Germanium (1652-3) to the Paw Paw Cell Reg (511-3) and her CA-15-3 markers are down by about 125%!!!!
From: Kimberly D. Balas, PhD, ND, vital4s@cfl.rr.com

”I need to tell you how wonderful that Cellutone Essential Oil blend (3927-3) is! I used it several times on Monday afternoon and evening and I am here to tell you that it REALLY, REALLY has helped the tenderness, swelling and soreness in/on my shin and my leg!!
“I took some to work and I let a gal use it on an old injury on her knuckle. She said that at first it seemed to have stirred up a bit of discomfort, but she came back during second break and applied some more. That was yesterday and she came up for more today! I was elated, as she said it feels better to her than it has in several months!”
Sincerely, Lollee, indy@cros.net

For those who don't like GreenZone (1091-5), I encourage them to start out with just a teaspoon in a glass of water with 1/2 to 3 packets of Stevia (1381-6) and 1-2 ounces of apple juice, pineapple juice, etc. Gradually increase the GreenZone while decreasing the juice. (Editor’s Note: I add GreenZone to my bulk Psyllium combination that I take every morning—this keeps me “regular” and healthy.)
It's worth the effort to get used to drinking GreenZone. If you just can’t, capsulate your own or use Liquid Chlorophyll (1689-6) or Chlorophyll Capsules (1690-7). GreenZone balances blood sugar, alkalizes the system, and provides essential minerals and enzymes in the way we were designed to get our minerals...from food. GreenZone may also be added to Healthy Blast (4303-1) or SynerProtein (2920-5). When you subtract the fiber content from the carbohydrate content, Healthy Blast has only 10 carbohydrates and many wonderful types of fiber. Plus it taste delicious!) The improved SynerProtein has only 4 carbohydrates and is in an alkaline base. When I travel I use Coral Calcium (1873-7), which I capsulate, and Noni Capsules (456-5) instead of the liquid so I can stay on my pH balancing/weight loss program.
From: Jennifer Weiss, N.D., Sr. National Manager, jenniferweiss@surewest.net


We promise you that you will get the highest quality products and best customer service when you deal with your Nature's Sunshine representative. If you are a Nature's Sunshine member, these products can be ordered through our office or direct from Nature's Sunshine. If you are not a current Nature's Sunshine member, you may order these products on this website or by calling our toll free number, (888)696-8113.

Note:The information contained in this message is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, treat, or prevent any illnesses. We recommend that you contact a health care practitioner if you have any immediate health care concerns.

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