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Health Matters
March, 2003

Superoxide Dismutase with Gliadin (SOD) Now Available

SOD is a natural part of the body's detoxification system. It is present in every cell in the body and is part of immune response and cell maintenance. Not only does this enzyme play an important role in neutralizing superoxide radicals into oxygen and hydrogen peroxide, it may help prevent age-related decline and maintain neurological health. It is commonly injected locally in joints for inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. SOD plays an important role in the immune response by protecting leukocytes and macrophages. In doing so, SOD prevents the damage to these cells. SOD supplementation has been shown to stimulate innate immunity by triggering the production of immune factors. SOD supports the structural and respiratory systems and is a superb antioxidant. SOD also helps protect against radiation damage, whether from biological warfare or treatment of cancer.

Very little information exists on the oral uses of SOD. We know that it is partially digested by acids in the stomach, and that enteric-coated SOD capsules are not well absorbed either. This led many to conclude that SOD, while beneficial in the body, could not be administered orally. NSP learned that when SOD was bound to a protein complex, it was not only protected through the stomach but it was also absorbed in the small intestine through M-cells found in the Peyer's patches which are part of the lymphatic (immune) system. This complex is called glisodin and it is made from a proprietary mixture of melon extract (SOD) and wheat extract (gliadin). This protein complex allows the SOD to be effectively absorbed. Other SOD preparations are poorly absorbed even if they are not destroyed in the stomach acid. The combination of SOD with gliadin clearly separates NSP SOD from competitors.

NOTE: If you have not yet listened to the NSP product focus call on “The Importance of Enzymes”, you can hear Dr. Alex Duarte address this topic through Wednesday, March 12th. After March 12th, there will be a new call up for one month—most likely as interesting as this one on SOD & Digestive Enzymes. This is a FREE call provided by Nature’s Sunshine Products. You can hear the recording 24-hours a day by calling: 1-800-756-3819; Code: 007220.

Vitamin A supplementation and bone fractures:

The January 23, 2003 issue of New England Journal of Medicine reports that a Swedish study looked at vitamin A intake over 30 years in men. They concluded that men who had the highest blood serum levels of vitamin A had an increased risk of bone fractures. While this information confirms data in prior animal studies, it does not mean that humans should stop using vitamin A supplements. Why? Because there is much information that states vitamin A is needed by the body for its antioxidant properties, immune-stimulating properties and its important role in vision. Consumers needn't be scared by this study. It was flawed in many ways. It only looked at serum retinol levels once over 30 years, and only in half of the study population, and only in males.

Vitamin A, also known as retinol, is a fat-soluble vitamin that is found in most multivitamins, meats, and especially in vegetables and fruits. Since vitamin A is fat-soluble, it's a double-edged sword. On one hand it is absolutely necessary to have in the body because it serves as an antioxidant in fatty areas of the body like the liver. On the other hand it is excreted slowly over time. In a nutshell, you need Vitamin A in the right amounts.

Certain carotenoids such as ß-carotene can be converted to vitamin A as needed by the body. The body will do this naturally if there is adequate ß-carotene in the diet. You'll find that half of the vitamin A content comes from ß-carotene in most NSP products that contain vitamin A. The daily value for Vitamin A is 5,000 IU but should not exceed 10,000 IU per day. (The dose varies for men, women and children.) Continue to take products that contain Vitamin A from NSP, knowing they are both safe and effective.

Health Tidbits

ALLERGY RELIEF: "I was able to take my son (age 9) off Zyrtec and Nasacort nose spray with ALJ and Histablock. First we started with the ALJ which cleared up the allergies and sinus infections, but he still complained of a pressure headache so I added the Histablock. His headache went away shortly after taking the Histablock. As a maintenance dose, he takes 2 ALJ capsules before bed and he takes 2 Histablock when he gets up in the morning." bbruce@excite.com

1 drop of lavender essential oil
2 drops frankincense " "
3 drops peppermint " "
5 drops CBG liquid herb
10 drops CC-A " "
1TBS pure alcohol to preserve
Put all ingredients in a 2 ounce spritzer bottle. Fill with purified water. Spray in mouth anytime the throat begins to feel sore. Sarah, Sunshine Store, sunstore@earthlink

PROTECTING AGAINST CATARACTS: Virginia has been a firm believer in the EW Combination to strengthen her eyes. Being a senior citizen, she was very conscientious about using the product. Each time she would see her eye doctor for a six month's check up, he would report that her eyes were really healthy. Then, like so many of us, she became a bit lax and took it "just every now and then." Her next visit revealed the development of a tiny cataract. Her doctor suggested she get right back on those herbs! Next visit, no more problems and the cataract was gone.

MUCOUS BE GONE: "I started taking 3 Protease twice a day for mucous stuck in my throat after a cold and saw incredible results after just 2 days. By the third day, I had very little mucous left. I could wake up with a clear throat and didn't have to hack up a bunch of garbage." Nicole Bandes

 DEPRESSION TESTIMONIAL: "Early 20's male was so blue that his parents planned to see a psychiatrist if we couldn't help him. Mary Ann recommended Calcium w/D, B Complex, SAM-e, and St. John's Wort. His elated mother called us within a week saying, "Praise the Lord! The program is working.” marvingehman@juno.com

PLS II TESTIMONIAL: "I tried taking the PLS II in massive quantities before going to bed to help with a shoulder pain I have been dealing with for over 8 months. I felt tremendously better the next day! WOW!" Jenny McGaughey enkneada@gvtc.com

BREAST ENHANCE TESTIMONIAL: "I have a client that has used the Breast Enhance product and really likes it. She said she noticed firmer, 'perkier' breasts with an increased size of almost one cup
with only taking 2 bottles." Nicole Bandes

IMPROVEMENT IN FACIAL APPEARANCE: “I spray Nature's Fresh on my face at least 2 times a day. At first my face felt real dry but looked plumb and refreshed. I found that during the first week that where the old skin sloughed off is where the dryness feeling came from I was molting!! But the blemishes aren't there like they were before and I feel like I get plenty moisturizing now with it alone.” Teresa Gibson, tgib@widaho.net

MIGRAINE HEADACHES: I have had migraine headaches for years. I have tried every sort of herbal program you can think of to alleviate them with little improvement. They are the type of headaches that, once you get them, there is no getting rid of them. The headaches are the one thing that I have broken down and used a prescription drug for but it makes me wired and jittery and does little to help the headache. I decided to take a different approach. At the very first sign of one of these headaches, I decided to take 3 Triple Relief. WOW! It really worked. After several hours, if it starts to come back, I just take 3 more and I'm good for the day. No fatigue, no side effects. I'm hooked!

We promise you that you will get the highest quality products and best customer service when you deal with your Nature's Sunshine representative.

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