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Are you tired of fad diets and quick fix solutions that don't solve anything? Read more to begin to get a better understanding of what really may be holding you back from reaching your weight loss potential.

No More Fad Diets and Quick Fixes

I have put off writing this article for a long time. I didn’t want to sound like just another person trying to monopolize on the huge weight loss industry with another fad diet or quick fix. But I believe that fad diets don’t work and quick fixes don’t last. So what is one to do at this time of year when people begin to realize how much they have gained during the holidays and that it’s time to get back to losing. How is one supposed to go about doing that?

Most people understand the basic concept of calories in must not be more than calories burned in order to lose weight so I won’t spend time on this concept. However, if you work hard to eat right and work out but still don’t seem to lose weight, there may be an underlying problem.

American’s struggle with weight loss is no different than our increasing struggles with other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. For each problem, there is a root cause. If you can get to the root cause, the problem goes away by itself. This, unfortunately, is a perspective that is often missed by medical doctors.

So what are some of the root causes of weight gain? There are six primary causes which effect how much difficulty you experience when trying to lose weight.

1. Diabesity

While you may be eating fewer calories than you burn, if those calories primarily consist of simple carbohydrates (sugar, white flour and rice, potato chips, soda, etc…) then this will cause an increase in insulin levels. This overproduction of insulin drives the simple carbohydrates into storage as fat. High levels of insulin suppress glucagons, a hormone that pulls sugar out of storage to keep blood sugar stable. This causes a drop in blood sugar that leads to cravings for more sugar and carbohydrates. Eventually this can lead to insulin resistances and diabetes but in the short term it contributes to weight gain.

Possible indicators that this is a problem for you include a waist measurement (at the navel) larger than hip measurement, daily consumption of simple carbohydrates, sugar cravings, mid afternoon fatigue, experience hypoglycemia or Type II diabetes.

Key to successful weight loss: Alter your diet. Cut out all simple carbohydrates. This will be a struggle in the beginning as is the removal of any addictive substance. However, with the knowledge that the cravings will go away in less time than it takes to add 2lbs to your weight, you can get a jumpstart on your weight loss program.

Other factors that will be of benefit include supplementing with chromium GTF, a mineral known to be beneficial for the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels, and cleansing can help to flush the system of simple carbohydrates quicker.

2. Estrogen Dominance

Whether you are male or female, excess estrogen increases fat storage in our bodies. In our society, we are bombarded with excess estrogens from meats and dairy products as well as xeno-estrogens (man made) from plastic containers, pesticides and household chemicals (to name a few). Our livers, the primary organ responsible for breaking down excess hormones, are also overtaxed with all the prescription drugs, pollution and alcohol we ingest.

Possible indicators that this is a problem for you include prostate problems (men), heavy menstrual bleeding or uterine fibroids (women), regular consumption of commercially raised meats and dairy products, daily consumption of beverages from soft plastic containers (milk, juice, water, etc…), enlarged breast area (men), PMS symptoms (women).

Key to successful weight loss: Balance your hormones. Eliminate excess estrogens from your life (hormone laden meats and dairy, plastics, and pesticides/household chemicals. Supplement with weak estrogens such as soy and black cohosh to keep the stronger estrogens from having a negative effect.

3. Metabolism

Often blamed for the inability to lose weight, metabolism is controlled by the glandular system, particularly the thyroid. When the thyroid and other glands, such as the pituitary are poorly functioning the body will not burn off extra fat even when you have restricted your calorie intake.

Possible indicators that this is a problem for you include cold hands and feet and feeling cold when others are warm, fatigue or low energy levels, dry skin, depression or lack of sexual desire, diagnosis of low thyroid.

Key to successful weight loss: Exercise and glandular support. Exercise is one of the best ways to give your metabolism a jump start. Include weight training for longer metabolism boosts than cardio alone. Get sufficient levels of iodine from sources such as black walnut, dulse, kelp or other sources of seaweed.

4. Stress

We all know how taxing stress can be on our bodies. Limiting our ability to lose weight is just another way. Stress produces a hormone called cortisol that may contribute to loss of muscle mass and the development of abdominal fat.

Possible indicators that this is a problem for you include feeling like you are under excessive levels of stress, muscle tension, anxiety or nervousness, high blood pressure, weight primarily in the stomach area, and restless sleep patterns.

Key to successful weight loss: Reduce stress levels through various techniques including meditation or spiritualization, massage, biofeedback, etc… Supplement with extra levels of B vitamins, used more during times of stress. Support your adrenal glands, responsible for producing excess cortisol.

5. Toxicity

Fat and cholesterol play a critical role in protecting our bodies from pollution and toxins in our environment by binding with the toxins for the removal from our bodies. Without them, our bodies would be subjected to greater negative effects from these poisons.

Possible indicators include problems (past or present) with high cholesterol (over 275) or cravings for high fat foods, skin problems such as acne, rashes, eczema, etc…, working in or around chemicals such as dry cleaners, beauty parlors, laboratories, hospitals, lawn services, etc…, and difficulty falling asleep or sluggishness in the morning.

Key to successful weight loss: Cleansing to remove toxins from the body and limiting exposure to new toxins. While cleansing, include plenty of fiber to absorb toxins as they are being released from the fat cells and herbs to cleanse and support the liver and lymphatic system so they do not become burdened in the process of cleansing.

6. Emotional Concerns

Your mental attitude may contribute as much as or more to your weight loss struggle as potential health concerns. If you are “holding on” to your weight for some reason, no matter what you do will show no long lasting benefits. If you see yourself as “fat”, “ugly”, “unattractive”, etc… your body may respond by storing things as protection against the outside world.

Possible indicators include problems with self image, constant worry about weight, eating when you aren’t hungry, cravings for comfort foods, eating due to depression.

Key to successful weight loss: Seek out counseling with someone experienced in helping you let go of old feelings and mind sets. Learn to think about not “losing” weight, but “gaining” health. If you can’t release your emotional baggage, you will always struggle to lose your physical baggage.

Healthy weight management requires a lifetime commitment that is taken one day at a time. Decide for yourself that today is going to be a good day and do not worry about tomorrow. At the end of the day, celebrate your successes in a healthy way, even if they were small and seemingly unimportant.

There are no quick fixes and fad diets are just that, a passing fad. Make the commitment to become aware of your unique needs and learn how you can Gain Health!

About the Author
Nicole Bandes is a Certified Herb Specialist that has been helping others to regain their health and vitality since 1999. Nicole’s weekly column allows her to share her knowledge by answering simple questions regarding the use of natural supplements and to keep her readers educated on the latest news regarding natural supplements.

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