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Preventing Bird Flu

Recent news stories have been discussing a new flu that is only attracted from fowl (primarily chickens) and currently confined to Southern Asia. From, "A global influenza pandemic could come at any time and claim anywhere between 5 million and 150 million lives, depending on steps the world takes now to control the bird flu in Asia, the United Nations said."

Reports suggest that an experimental vaccine may soon be released in hopes that it will prevent this pandemic from occurring. This vaccine may not be effective IF the virus ever reaches the United States as the strain will likely have mutated by then and vaccines are only effective against the strain they were created for which is the reason most people get a new flu shot every year.

It is important to consider what we can do to avoid becoming infected with this virus and all others even though it is still only theoretical that bird flu will ever become a serious world wide problem (the virus still can not spread from person to person, only bird to person). However, vaccines, with their tremendous number of problems (see search results for more info), are not the answer.

Ask yourself, “How is it that one person in an office always seems to avoid "catching" what everyone else has?”

Our susceptibility to getting sick with a cold or flu comes down to biological terrain and not the presence of germs, bacteria or viruses. We are all exposed to the same “things”, however, some of us have a biological terrain that is better suited to fight off these offenders when they try to attack. Biological terrain is simply the environment of the fluids in our body. The good news is that there are things we can do to improve our biological terrain.

Improve your Biological Terrain and Build Up Your Body’s Defenses

• Avoid processed sugars (only natural fruits and vegetables are acceptable).
• Drink plenty of clean water (Reverse Osmosis) and avoid caffeine drinks.
• Eat close to the earth. The less processing the food has gone through the better.
• Ensure your body is getting the maximum benefit from the foods you eat by supplementing with Food Enzymes.
• Be sure your colon is clean and healthy. It is estimated that 70% of the body’s immune response is regulated in the intestines. Get 20 to 30 grams of fiber daily either through the foods you are eating or supplementation with Psyllium Hulls or Nature’s Three.
Probiotics are necessary to prevent bad bacteria from making a home in your body. They can also help minimize yeast overgrowth which contributes to a weakened immune system.
• Get plenty of antioxidants such as berries or Thai-go mangosteen juice.
• Now would be a fantastic time to start on Nature's Sunshine's 90 day Health Challenge and get your biological terrain in balance before the flu season gets started.
• And give your body an extra boost by including Colostrum w/ Immune Factors or Olive Leaf Extract in your daily program during the flu season.

We don’t have to start another flu season with the scary prospect of having to get a flu shot or deal with the implications of getting sick. Humans have been able to live through epidemics and plagues long before vaccines where ever invented. Now we understand why and have the tools to be one of the survivors.

About the Author
Nicole Bandes is a Certified Herb Specialist that has been helping others to regain their health and vitality since 1999. Nicole’s weekly blog is a “Dear Abbey” style blog that allows her to share her knowledge to simple questions regarding the use of natural supplements and keep her readers educated on the latest news regarding natural supplements.

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