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What Happens When
You Never Give Up?

Copyright © 2003 by Sue Seward.
All Rights Reserved.

Network Marketing takes time and effort. It's a business just like any business.

It doesn't happen overnight and you'll not get rich in a few short months.

Does that discourage you? If it does you're not alone!

Are you ready for the truth? If you are you're on the right track for true success my friend!

You'll go through the proverbial refining fire and walk on a few hot coals that will burn your feet at times but when you get to the other side it's all going to be worth it!

It takes years to develop and grow a successful business career.

Developing into a leader takes time and patience.

It's not going to be easy and making mistakes and failing is a big part of the process!

If you're not making any mistakes or failing then you're not doing anything! It means you're playing it safe and sticking in a secure environment. What that means is you're working for someone else and you will never truly become financially free!

Here's some things that are important to remember when going through the FIRE.

Are you ready to take the first step onto those hot coals?

Be consistent every single day, no matter what happens, remember that rejection and discouragement is a good thing! Smile when it happens because that's a part of the refining process! Find out what other people want and need. If they are not interested or say no, that's ok!

They are just not ready to go through the fire with you yet! They want to stay in their safe cozy what they think is a secure environment.

Become passionate about what you do. Be on FIRE about it! Use your companies products yourself so ou will become passionate and enthusiastic about what you are doing!

Other people will see this FIRE in your eyes!

Walk your talk! Be fired up at all times! If you don't feel like it then find something to make you GET ON FIRE!

Be patient and stick with it. Be coachable.

Hang out with positive likeminded FIRED UP people and learn from those who have been through the refining fire themselves!

Stayed focused and constantly stay involved and in the loop. It's like being around a blazing camp FIRE!

Constantly strive to be a leader! A really fired up leader! Get involved with your leaders upline and speak up on conference calls even if you're nervous! Offer to host them too! Learn, grow, stretch yourself!

Be around successful people, watch them, do what they do, read what they read, go where they go!

Just DO IT and keep doing this over and over and over and over!

That means reading everything you can about your company, the industry, constantly developing yourself and talk consistently about the industry to people in your upline, your downline, crossline, and other colleagues in the industry and of course to people in general that you meet!

Listen a lot too! Ask a lot of questions!

This is how you'll learn about people and what sort of fire they have or want to have! How would you know if you never ask?

Go to every company event you can possibly get to! These will put the FIRE in you!

Go to leadership training seminars.

Read books on leadership and business.

Robert Kiyosaki's book 'The Business School For People Who Like Helping People, The Eight Hidden Values Of A Network Marketing Business' is one of my favorite teachings on business!

Here's some others:

Women's tapes from Upline and Jack Zufelt's training, Kim Klaver, Doug Firebaugh, Bob Burg, Network Marketing Times magazine, and

Join organizations like the DSWA.

Form strategic alliances with other networkers in the industry!

Remember every experience, every failure, every mistake, every hot coal you walk on is a learning experience that propells you to ultimate success! It's happened for me and it will happen for anyone who NEVER GIVES UP!

Always Expect Success!


About the Author
Sue Seward is an entrepreneur, wife and mom, and has been earning an income for over six years from home on the Internet. She is also a published writer, speaker, Internet Marketing trainer, and publishes a weekly Internet Marketing Business Resource newsletter. Sign up for Sue's teleconference training class and newsletter on how to market to REAL people online You can find out more about Sue at

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